Sandvik EDEEP process and the MB650 Bolter Miner

The Underground Coal and Minerals product safety team at Sandvik Mining and Construction G.m.b.H site in Zeltweg, Austria, began their Sandvik EDEEP process project work with the customer BHP Billiton on their MB650 Bolter Miner in January 2014.

The Sandvik EDEEP project team consisted of members from the Product Safety department within Sandvik Mining, Product Line Managers, engineers, geology specialists and importantly, representatives from the customer, BHP Billiton.

The team's approach was to carry out a number of tasks including the identification of priority tasks and also a task-based risk assessment with BHP Billiton. These task assessments were based on all operational and maintenance activities. The 11 tasks which ranked highest in order of priority were selected for flow chart and risk assessment analysis. All basic flowcharts were designed together with the customer, which then formed the basis of the task based risk assessments.

Task based risk assessments

Over the course of a week, as a joint exercise, 11 top priority tasks were assessed by both Sandvik and BHP Billiton representatives. The sessions were deemed successful due to the openness of both sides to discuss and explore new avenues for the intended avoidance of potential unwanted events on the MB650 Bolter Miner. Items that were discussed during these sessions were:

  • Current design controls
  • Control evaluation
  • Suggested new design controls
  • Suggested administration controls

The final flowcharts were created based on the findings of the task based risk assessments and also formed the basis of creating film scripts that consequently will be used for customer training. Photos, flowcharts and other findings will also be fed into the operation and maintenance manuals for the MB650 Bolter Miner. The Sales Design Information (SDI) which includes information on all tasks conducted and design features evaluation will also be shared with the customer.

One of the positive aspects of the Sandvik EDEEP process is that it provides the possibility to discuss the different experiences of both the OEM and customer about safety aspects on the machine. Sandvik Mining’s Underground Coal and Minerals Product Safety Team is convinced that as a result of the EDEEP related meetings with the customer and local service personnel, all involved colleagues at Sandvik were able to acquire an excellent basis of understanding and knowledge in relation to handling operation and maintenance work (knowledge transfer between customer, engineering and product safety).

The customer feedback in regard to the EDEEP process was also very positive as they felt that it presented them a good opportunity to talk through operational and maintenance safety aspects of their MB650 Bolter Miner machine with the product development team at Sandvik.


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