History of the Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table (EMESRT) and origins of the EDEEP process.


In 2006, the Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table, or EMESRT, was formally established and in 2011, 14 major mining companies constituted the organization that is coordinated by the University of Queensland, Australia. The vision of EMESRT is “a mining industry free of fatalities, injuries and occupational illnesses associated with operating and maintaining heavy-duty mining equipment” (www.emesrt.org)

As the organization formally established, the members also created an engagement process between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and mining customers, aiming to minimize environment, health and safety risks in the industry, which consequently lead to the development of the EMESRT Design Philosophies. These Design Philosophies scope the key issues, where improved design could reduce unwanted events related to operation or maintenance of equipment.

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EDEEP (‘Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table (EMESRT) Design Evaluation for EME Procurement’) was initially developed on behalf of EMESRT by Prof. Robin Burgess-Limerick and Prof. Jim Joy, from the University of Queensland, and was refined after receiving feedback from eight major equipment manufacturers, including Sandvik Mining. The process involves identifying priority tasks based on the frequency and severity of the consequences of potential unwanted events identified in the Design Philosophies; undertaking a task-based risk assessment of priority tasks in conjunction with equipment users; if requested, evaluating the effectiveness of current and potential control measures; and documenting information about design features suitable for communication to prospective purchasers.

Sandvik Mining and their customers are already seeing the benefits of using the EDEEP process from an environmental, health and safety perspective. Prof Burgess-Limerick has monitored Sandvik's progress with adopting EDEEP and notes "I have been very impressed by Sandvik's ability to adapt EDEEP to fit with the company's processes, and the commitment to utilising the information gained from customers to improve product design".

Over the years, EMESRT has made many marked changes in safety through benchmarking, sharing of best practices, development of new measures and indicators. It has also established leadership practices and roadmaps for all levels of management and front-line workers in their member companies and beyond.

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