DE712 Exploration drill rig / Customer: RockTech USA

The Sandvik Exploration DE712 purchased by RockTech USA, Sandvik Mining’s Exploration distributor based in Idaho in 2013, was the first of its kind to be sold by a major Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that has undergone the Sandvik EDEEP initiative.

RockTech USA has been a distributor for Sandvik Mining’s Exploration business area since 2007. The company’s President, Erik Lindstrom has told Sandvik about how impressed both he and his customer is with the new DE712 exploration drill rig. Lindstrom feels that this machine delivers “efficient and profitable core drilling” and that he particularly liked the fact that safety was built into the rig from the beginning of its design and manufacture, through use of the EDEEP process.

For Lindstrom, taking part in the EDEEP process on the DE712 was highly beneficial as he felt it gave RockTech USA the opportunity to understand the design of the machine better. He tells us that through the process: “Sandvik provided us with safety information for this particular machine, highlighting the different actions they have taken through the use of design controls to minimize and reduce risks when operating and maintaining the machine”. Lindstrom also liked the fact that RockTech USA representatives were given the chance to share their thoughts with Sandvik about the topic of environment, health and safety for the DE712 and also for the mining industry in general.

Lindstrom tells us that RockTech’s customer for this DE712 is really satisfied with their machine and they have been particularly impressed with the rig’s safety features. The end customer has commented on its quieter operations, compact footprint, and the ease and flexibility of set up and drilling options available.

Sandvik Exploration understands that the real benefit of the EDEEP process is that all equipment can be reviewed under a common global guideline which is recognized by almost all major mining houses. The most important factor however is that it will drive safety and innovation in the exploration industry to a continuously higher level.

Below you can view three videos showing some of the safety related features of the Sandvik DE712 Exploration drill rig.

Sandvik DE712 Tramming

Sandvik DE712 Walkways and handrails

Sandvik DE712 Topping up coolant

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