The Sandvik EDEEP process in Underground Drilling was led by the Product Safety Competence Centre’s Product Safety Engineers Tiina Ärrälä and Timo Turta.


Part 1 of the Sandvik EDEEP process involved Sandvik product safety and product design engineers identifying the priority and critical tasks that needed to be addressed in relation to machine operation and maintenance. The critical tasks were filmed underground in the Sandvik Tampere factory’s test mine whilst product specialists operated the drill rig.


Part 2 of the Sandvik EDEEP process was conducted at Agnico-Eagle Finland OY’s site based in Kittilä, where both mine personnel and Sandvik representatives worked together to carry out a task-based risk assessment on the DD422i. The films showing Sandvik personnel operating the drill rig were viewed by the customer and the question was asked as to whether the customer performed the operating tasks as per the Sandvik operator and as instructed in the machine manual. This exercise gave the customer and Sandvik the opportunity to discuss existing and potential safeguards for hazards that may arise.

Hanne Juuti, Sandvik Mining Underground Drilling Product Safety Manager, expresses the importance of product specialists being involved with the Sandvik EDEEP process as they not only know the product completely but they are also responsible for product training that is given to mine operators. Juuti also comments that the major advantage of the customer being involved in the second part of the Sandvik EDEEP process is that it gave them the opportunity to provide feedback and possible solutions with regard to safety for both operation and maintenance of the machine.


Part 3 of the Sandvik EDEEP process is the creation of the Sales Design Information (SDI), which is the resulting document of the Sandvik EDEEP process. For the DD422i, the Product Safety personnel of Product Area Underground Drilling created the SDI. This document is a report of the tasks conducted and the design features evaluated.

It was felt by both parties that the Sandvik EDEEP process is a beneficial way of creating direct contact between those responsible for product safety and product development and crucially the people at the customer site responsible for operating and maintaining the equipment.

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