Sandvik Mining, in cooperation with Gigant, a company specializing in improving the ergonomics of workplaces, have lowered noise levels within the Svedala wear protection and screening media workshop significantly.

This improvement has been achieved through the retrofitting of sound absorbing wall panels and a noise damping screen on one of the punching machines at the site.

The ‘makeover’ has resulted in a sound level reduction of between 4 and 13 dB (A)*, which is a considerable improvement as it means that in many cases hearing protection is no longer required in the workshop or offices due to the threshold of 85 dB (A)* being the point when protection must be used and the noise being produced falling under that. The site’s production manager Martin Andersson comments: “We immediately noticed an improvement and the results of the measurements are remarkable”.

Here below you can see the noise levels before and after fitting the noise reduction panels and screen:

Noise level (dB (A))*
Work area Before After Reduction
Punching machine (curtain lowered) 77.1 72.9 4.2
Punching machine (curtain raised) 87.7 79.9 7.8
Waterjet cutting machine (100mm plate, 10mm sheet) 100.1 87.1 13

It is important for both the health of our employees and for productivity that noise levels are kept to a minimum where possible which is why this activity has been so significant and beneficial.

If you would like to find out more about this project or the wear protection and screening media products please contact us.

*dB (A)

A-Weighted decibels, abbreviated here as dB (A), is the most common weighting scale that is used in noise measurement. It follows the frequency sensitivity of the human ear at low levels and is a good predictor of damage risk to the ear. A-Weighting scaled sound meters filter out low-frequency noise that they measure, which is similar to the response of the human ear.