Regrinding at customer site Boliden

In the far north of Sweden you will find the town of Boliden. This is where Swedish minerals company Boliden originates from and where four of their mines are located today, those being rich in gold, silver, copper and lead. It is also the same location where the company’s re-grinding station is situated.

In October of 2013 Sandvik Mining and Boliden started work on a project together to renovate and modernise the re-grinding station at Boliden’s premises, with the goal to make the workshop a safer environment to grind in. The new re-grinding station was completed in January 2014 and is now home to a modern, high-tech set up which includes new ventilation systems and water pipes that both help to control dust levels and lower the risk of exposure to cobalt particles.

Sandvik and Boliden had been proactive in their actions to create a safer environment for their workers to grind in as the classification of Cobalt as a carcinogenic material, risk phrase H350i was confirmed in November 2013 by members of the International Cobalt Development Institute and Cobalt REACH Consortium.

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Hear from those employees at Sandvik and Boliden who were involved in making it happen.