Preventing cobalt exposure - production unit

These are some of the examples of steps that Sandvik Mining has taken in order to help attempt to reduce exposure to Cobalt in its factories.

Production unit

Västberga is the centre for development of hardmetals and material and process development.

  • Materials development
  • Surface-coating processes
  • Product development
  • Production technology
  • Västberga also produce Cemented Carbide products such as drill bits, inserts and hot rolls.
Product Saftey

PU Västberga has:

An advanced process laboratory and a full pilot plant producing 4 tons/year of test powders.

More than 125 engineers and technicians committed to tool material R&D

A dedicated tool material test center where 20 000 edges are tested each year, resulting in 40 tons of chips

20-30 hard materials patents that are issued annually

material grades with improved performance released each year

The Västberga site has created dedicated risk assessments for the measure of Cemented Carbide powder in order to help attempt to reduce Cobalt exposure. Some of the actions that have been a result of these risk assessments are:

  • Wooden pallets used have been changed to plastic pallets due to ease of cleaning
  • Additional extraction points have been fitted
  • Connection points of plastic hoses that transport Cemented Carbide powder from the drum to the press cells have been reinforced to help reduce leakage
  • It is necessary to report any spillage or potential hazard
  • The work site is to be kept clean at all times and any exposed items on surfaces or walls to be covered with dust sheets for ease of cleaning