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We would really like to hear about the ways in which you have taken measures to live and work in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way, and also how you are implementing ways to prevent potential hazards or injuries occurring to yourself and others around you.

This could be anything from keeping a workstation tidy to going for a long walk in a lunch break to driving more safely. It would be great to hear from you so please click on submit a story button below or email with your stories.*

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Our Latest Story

Name:Ron Snellings

Location: Battle Mountain, Nevada USA

Ron wrote to us to tell us about his experience of being an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), part of an underground Mine Rescue team and involved in Hazmat (hazardous material) training. He also writes about his time as a member of a local Fire-fighter team and personal experiences of wild-land fires and rattle snakes!

Ron tells us how important it is for him to pass on his guidance and knowledge to others (colleagues, friends, family members) in order to help avoid any unnecessary or unpleasant injuries either in work or at home. His training has helped him to identify hazards and things that could go wrong.

Working with grinding discs

Ron tells us about an occasion when he saw a grinding disc shatter and wound a co-workers body badly. He talks about how important it is “to inspect these (grinding discs) before each use and replace them if worn or defected”.

Working with tools

Ron has seen mushroomed ends of hammers that have not been smoothed off properly cause injury to people by pieces flying off and hitting the body. He tells us to “take a couple of vital minutes of your time to smooth mushroomed ends of tools and inspect what you will be hitting to avoid a potential serious injury”.

Working with chemicals

Ron says he has had a lot of experience talking to teams about the importance of understanding the chemicals they are using and knowing which chemicals to use when. He says that some chemicals “while on the surface could act very differently from when in a confined space underground”. He advises to “know the containers you are using, do not just grab any container, because the one you grab could have traces of a chemical in it that could violently react with the chemical you are adding to it”.

Wild-land fires

Ron tells us that he has recently built a 30ft fire break around his house, this is in order to protect it from the threat of wild-land fires. He explains how fierce these wild-land fires can be and say: “it gives me a piece of mind whilst at work, knowing my home is protected”.

Rattle Snakes

Ron tells us that it is currently Rattle Snake season in Nevada and that it is important to take care and keep alert when you are out walking or reaching to pick something up, whether this be when in a warehouse yard, at a job site or even moving items around at home. He also advises us to “Take the time to read up on some first aid tips on what to do if bitten by a Rattle Snake”.

Thanks for getting in touch Ron and sharing your experiences!