Optimization of pump and engine gear ratios

Fuel reduction through optimizing pump and engine gear ratios

It makes sense that in order to reduce fuel consumption, an engine needs to be running at an efficient operating speed. Sandvik Mining understands this well and have made adjustments to the gear ratios between the engine and the pumps which results in the reduction of maximum speed of the engine to the point of maximum torque.

This concept has been realised on the Sandvik DE811 multi-purpose exploration drill rig and as a result the maximum pump speed can be achieved at 1500 rpm engine speed. This also means that maximum performance can be provided throughout the rev range and that the engine can operate at a lower rate of revs whilst producing enough power to complete drilling operations. The outcome is that optimized gear ratios offer the potential to achieve fuel savings of up to 9%.

Take a look at the graph opposite to see the potential fuel consumption figures against engine speed (rpm).

Fuel consumption

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