Electrical current draw reducer unit for drill rigs

Sandvik’s Electrical Current Draw Reducer Unit for the Next Generation Underground Drill Rigs aims to provide a drilling solution that not only optimizes drilling results but also cares for the environment along the way.

Optimize drilling results whilst caring for the environment with the sandvik electrical current draw reducer unit

One of the biggest value propositions for Sandvik’s new DD422i face drill rig is to provide more environmentally responsible drilling solutions that help to save energy and reduce underground emissions. The electrical current reducer unit is an option that Sandvik offers along with the new drill rig where focus needs to be put on gaining optimized drilling results with limited sources of electrical energy.

How does it work?

Rather than drawing reactive power from the mine network, the Sandvik electrical current draw reducer unit fitted to a DD422i face drill rig provides this power element for all on-board drilling components. The advantages of using this on-board capacitor unit are detailed in the table below:

Advantages of using a Sandvik electrical current draw reducer unit on a Sandvik drill rig

  • The reactive power draw from the mine network can be reduced up to 90% This combined with the new IE3 energy compliant electric motors means that the total need of electrical energy during drilling can be reduced up to 5% with the new DD422i
  • The amount of energy losses in main electric lines and drill rig cables are reduced due to smaller cable sizes being used.
  • A more stabilized electrical network is established due to fewer voltage drops, lower loads for transformers and cables
  • Lowering of cable costs/more power available from the existing cables

The aim is to help our customers gain optimal drilling performance with a minimized requirement of electrical power from the mine infrastructure.

Please see diagrams opposite that illustrate the varying levels of energy efficiency when using the reducer unit on the DD422i:

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