Co2 reduction and energy savings

Co2 reduction and energy savings for road headers during excavation

Sandvik Mining’s product area Mechanical Cutting carried out an assessment of energy consumption and potential areas for energy savings for its Road Headers.

During this assessment a number of areas were considered including:

  • The excavation process
  • Energy sources for the cutting cycle
  • Specific cutting energy
  • Grain size

All activities involved in the excavation process were evaluated:

  • Excavation
  • Transport of materials
  • Processing (cutting and milling)
  • Consumables
  • Heading
  • Environment (e.g. water, ventilation, cooling, heating, dust suppression)
  • Infrastructure
  • System maintenance
  • Process management

Project One

Energy savings through low-speed and high-torque cutting process


  • Energy savings can be achieved when selecting the most appropriate cutting layout
  • A low-speed cutting system was developed resulting in energy reductions
  • The low-speed cutting system helped to reduce wear on cutting tools

Project Two

Increased profile accuracy for reduction of over-break


  • Accuracy of cutting profile was increased reducing the over-break/over-cut
  • Energy savings as a result of reduced over-break/over-cut

Project Three

Integrated guidance system for improved directional control and profile accuracy


  • The integrated guidance system allowed for better control of the cutter head and machine position
  • As a consequence of less over-break during the cutting process, there is a reduced amount of material for transport, processing and storage.


Sandvik’s road header offering allows for improvements in cutting efficiency, profile accuracy and process optimizations. Research into energy consumption and resource optimisation in relation to the road headers is continuing to take place.

To find out more about this Sandvik Mining's research into CO2 reduction and energy savings for road headers or to find out more about any of the Sandvik product offering, please contact us.