Tier 4 engines – a healthier and more environmentally responsible option

Sandvik Mining, along with its customers, is taking important steps to make air in working environments within mines as clean as possible, which is one of the reasons Sandvik has started introducing Stage IV/Tier 4 engines into many of their machines.

Exposure to diesel exhaust and diesel particulate matter (DPM) could be a potential occupational hazard for underground miners, as can the emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from engines. The Stage IV/Tier 4 engines deliver very low levels of emissions in the form of DPM and NOx which means that the requirement for expensive-to-operate filtration systems normally used to lower emissions from diesel-powered equipment is significantly reduced.

In addition to delivering ultra-low emissions, Stage IV/Tier 4 engine technology provides significant productivity, operating and fuel efficiency advantages. These include:

  • Higher productivity through increased torque, reduced maintenance-related downtime and lower heat signatures
  • Lower dead mass comes from the intelligent frame design which means lower emissions can be achieved per hauled tonnes as there is no need to move dead machine mass.
  • Up to 10% reduction in fuel consumption, compared with Stage III/Tier 3 engines
  • Reduced maintenance by eliminating the need to clean or regenerate a DPF filter or dosing system
  • Improved safety as standard SCR (selective catalytic reduction) mufflers can be used and housed within the machine frame, rather than external to the engine compartment
  • Reduced requirements for heat dissipation and cooling capacity.

Simplified comparison graph to show the amount of reduced PM (particulate matter) and NOx that can be achieved when using a Tier 4i engine in comparison with Tier 1, 2 and 3 engines

Product areas within Sandvik Mining that currently offer the option of the Stage IV/Tier 4 engine on some of their models are:

  • Underground LHDs and Trucks
  • Underground Drill rigs
  • Surface drill rigs