Recycling of Manganese

At Sandvik SRP’s workshop located in Svedala, Sweden, great efforts are being made to recycle as much manganese in steel parts as possible. Manganese steel is originally used in Sandvik’s crusher wear parts. This alloy is chosen for its hard wearing properties.


  • It is used in all Sandvik jaw and cone crushers both for mining and construction applications
  • The material is hard wearing – the surface hardness increases during operation of the crusher, it provides a wear resistant surface and a ductile core
  • Sandvik manganese steels are composed using the extensive experience and knowledge of materials experts within Sandvik

Three typical compositions of manganese steel produced within Sandvik Mining are:

12% Mn, 1.4% Cr* 18% Mn, 0.8% Cr* 18% Mn, 2.0% Cr*
Mn = Manganese Cr = Chromium

The recycling process

Sandvik recycles used wear parts containing manganese that have been retrieved from customers. The parts are brought back to the Sandvik SRP workshop and are passed under the inspection of an XRF (X-ray fluorescence) machine. This machine enables the user to analyze the percentage of manganese and other materials within the used metal.


  • The ability to assess immediately the percentage of manganese and other alloys in a piece of metal
  • The immediate detection of percentages of different alloys means they can be sorted easily, saving time when further into the process the required percentage of each alloy is used first time, rather than relying partly on ’trial and error’
  • Cost savings, as the correct amount of manganese can be taken from a scrap piece of metal and put into the furnace first time

Through the recycling of used manganese parts and the use of the XRF machine, Sandvik is working in a more environmentally responsible way as due to the reuse and recycling of used parts for the production of new wear parts, there is less need for natural resources and other alloys during the process. In addition, less energy is consumed through the metal melting process as the correct percentage of alloys are achieved first time with the help of the XRF machine.

If you would like to find out more about the recycling of manganese at Sandvik or any other products in the Sandvik offering, please contact us.