Fluid Analysis

With the help of fluid analysis, the health of lubricants and components can be detected. Dependant on the actual condition of the fluid and the components, the oil exchange and component overhaul intervals can often be extended. Fluid analysis can also help to improve safety by ensuring the equipment is running reliably due to proper contamination control and maintenance.

When a Sandvik machine is purchased new it will be filled with the correct oils and filters. However, over time with various oil exchanges carried out by different parties, the condition and health of the machine’s oil and hydraulic components may be compromised. At Sandvik Mining a fluid analysis can be organised on the customer’s behalf and conducted on a range of oils including engine oils, hydraulic fluids, cooling fluids, gear oils, transmission oils, diesel fuels and ‘add blue’ type fluids and coolants. Fluid analysis can help to show oil contamination and will normally identify the possible root cause, for example an incorrect oil exchange or use of the wrong type of oil.

How is the fluid analysis conducted?

  • A sample of the fluid to be analysed is taken at the customer’s site and the request to begin the fluid analysis is logged.
  • A report is compiled by the laboratory and published on a web based site that can be accessed by registered clients (this will include the customer)
  • An email is also sent to the customer with details of the report enclosed
  • Any necessary maintenance or repair is organised and agreed upon with the customer

An incorrect or inaccurate maintenance strategy can have a significant impact on the reliability and performance of a piece of equipment. It can also potentially have a negative impact on safety. Investing in condition monitoring with the help of regular fluid analysis makes the difference between a proactive and productive update and a potential suffering of machine downtime due to unexpected stoppages. With the help of fluid analysis, the health of the components can be detected and potential problems can be foreseen and remedied before a possible failure. Fluid analysis also puts controls in place that ensure the correct types of fluid are being used and that they are not contaminated in any way. All key components such as diesel engines, axles, hydraulic components, compressors and gears can benefit from this fluid analysis program.

Fluid analysis can:

  • Lower the risk of an unexpected failure (therefore increasing reliability and potentially safety of the equipment)
  • Lengthen components and subsequently the equipment’s lifetime
  • Ensure the correct and non-contaminated fluids are being used
  • Extend oil exchange and component overhaul intervals
  • Reduce environmental impact due to longer oil change intervals
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (less unexpected downtime, repairs, and less frequent oil changes)

If you would like to find out more about fluid analysis products at Sandvik or any other products, please get in touch.