Recycling Programs

In 2010 Sandvik Lively Canada and in 2013 Sandvik Alachua, USA, began their site-wide recycling programs focused on reducing waste and environmental impact.

Between the two sites, paper, cardboard, wooden pallets, aluminium, batteries, printer cartridges, hydraulic hoses, electrical cables, aerosol paint cans (emptied of their gas), plastic and glass were all recycled, which at the end of the year added up to some big numbers.

Below you can see figures for the amount of tons of each material that was recycled and also what they can be compared to.


Sandvik Lively

The Sandvik Lively team are now focusing their attention on the site’s water consumption, in particular in relation to water used during Bit Sharpening and the Wash Bay process.

The team have been working hard to develop and implement a water recycling system for the machines that are used to sharpen the Button Bits on Sandvik’s Rock Tools. In addition to the above, the team are also developing a water recycling system that will enable them to filter and recycle water in the Wash Bay for use during the cleaning of equipment that arrives at site for servicing or repairs.

Sandvik Alachua

The facilities team at Sandvik Alachua has continued to add even more recycling bins throughout their facility and makes sure that their recycling results are regularly communicated throughout the site on digital monitors. The intention is that employees can see the good work that they are doing and also feel inspired to continue with their efforts.

Alachua’s Facilities Manager, Pam Purvis, believes that recycling needs to be convenient but also that it should become a daily habit. Purvis says the aim is to continue to improve on their recycling efforts and gain knowledge on further materials that can be recycled and/or re-purposed.